Most people would agree that Planet Earth and all its inhabitants are heading for a historical nexus point where all the planets preconceived notions of itself and reality are seemingly being thrown out of the window. In almost every area of study new discoveries are being made every day. Medicine, computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering are all advancing at a rate that seems unstoppable. To the average person life continues on without interruption, but the impacts these discoveries will have on all of our lives in the coming decades will be nothing less than profound. As a filmmaker, I choose to look at the mysterious, magical and the often overlooked parts of the shared human experience.

In many ways life is the same now that it has been since the beginning of the industrial revolution.   People have usually ordinary lives consumed with satisfying work obligations or caring for loved ones praying for just a few minutes of time for our own selfish pursuits (or vices). Recently, however, the opportunity to break free of the mundane routine is becoming a very real possibility for a growing number in modern society. With this trend we see the explosion of creativity and innovation that I mentioned earlier. Which brings me to my point for writing this article… the obvious direct correlation between surplus personal time afforded by increases in technological innovation and an individual’s ability to access their deepest creativity. If you look at this statement you will realize that this system is self-feeding which explains the exponential curve of advancement we are seeing across the spectrum of science and the arts. As humans create technology to enhance their lives the freedom created from these enhancements will drive even more creative exploration and then more freedom.

As a planet we face many problems such as poverty, disease, war and environmental devastation.   While many would protest these issues by taking to the streets, blogging and in some cases failed attempt to appeal to the conscience of their elected leaders, my approach is to simply help along the process of evolutionary refinement that comes from having a society that is educated, healthy and happy. How is this accomplished? Integrity. This one word will be the definition of how humans will rise above their current predicament and fully realize its own potential. All our problems and fears will be utterly decimated once humans realize integrity is the only real currency left.